My Services


Individual  therapy sessions last 50 minutes and and are a safe and confidential space to explore aspects of your life that may be struggling with. I offer a free 20 minuet consultation, which is an opportunity to meet with me and ask questions and see where I work. One of the most important aspects of counselling is ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable with your therapist. Consultations can be done face to face or over the the phone, it is completely up to you. 

Sessions are charged at £45 per session. 


My work with young people doesn't differ much from my work with adults. However it is often parents who will make the initial contact with myself. Parents or Carers are welcome to meet with me and attend the free 20 minute initial consultation. I recognize it is important that both parent/carer and the young Person feels comfortable with the therapist. After this all session will be completely confidential between myself and the young person.

Sessions are charged at £40 per session.


Couples therapy lasts 50 minutes and is a safe confidential environment where couple come to explore and better understand the issues that are arising in their relationship and discover ways to improve communication and learn more about themselves and their significant other.  I also offer a free 20 minute consultation where the couple will have the opportunity to meet with me and ask questions before deciding whether or not I am the therapist for them. All sessions there after this are charged at £60 Per session.


I am extremely passionate about Mindfulness and how it can positively impact on people. I run Mindfulness groups several times a year the last one was held over a six week period form October to November 2017. The group offers an introduction to Mindfulness through short mindfulness participation excersizes and group feedback. All these groups are facilitated by myself. 

The next mindfulness group is booked to Start in February 2018 on a Sunday evening at 7 pm at Ambrosden Village Hall. For more information and to book a place please contact me via this website.


Counselling Students

Another area of my work that I am particularly passionate about is working with counselling students. It is important to me that counselling student have access to affordable good quality counselling while embarking on their studies. This is something I strive to offer each and every client. 

Like all other client if you are a student you are invited to a free 20 minuets consultation and any sessions after this will last 50 minutes and charged at £35.