How to find the right therapist for you?

Finding the right therapist can be complex. It can at times feel a little overwhelming and difficult to decide what it is you want and need from a therapist. Hopefully these top 5 tips will help you find the therapist that is right for you.

1. Recommendations are always good - Although this isn't the only way to find a therapist in my experience it is probably one of the best, speak to friends and family to find out if they have any recommendations or may have heard of a good therapist in your area.

2. Look on-line - If you can't find a recommendation turn to the web for support, in our digital age this is a great way to research therapists. A couple of sites I would recommend are or Theses sites vet all who apply, so you can rest assured that you will be contacting a qualified and registered therapist.

3. Choose a specialism - This isn't always necessary but it is worth a consideration. When reading about the therapist - Many therapist will have specialisms and or interests in working with a particular issue such as PTSD or Addition.

4. Book a free consultations - Most good therapists will offer a short free consultation session. This is particularly important as the key to any good therapy is in the relationship you build with your therapist. It is important you feel comfortable and safe with the therapist and in the setting in which you will be working.

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions - As I mentioned before finding a therapist can be a daunting experience and it is really important that you find the right person to work with. Don't be afraid to contact the therapist you are interested in working with to ask questions. It maybe about the way in which they work or what should you expect etc. No matter what it is don't be afraid to ask.

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